7 Innocent Puppy Pictures That Remain Innocent Even With a Brazzers Logo

Puppies by themselves are sweet, adorable, a little feisty, but above all, innocent. But when you take extremely innocent photos of those puppies and add the logo for BRAZZERS, one of the premiere adult websites on the net, something altogether remarkable happens: Nothing. The puppies remain innocent, and the logo serves as no more than a distraction to our cuteness-seeking eyes. See for yourself below!

See? The puppy is so cute and innocent…the logo here adds nothing, nor does it call into question the purity of the animal. It’s simply a wonderful portrait of a puppy with some block of annoying font plastered on top. Fail.

Hmmmm…let’s see…Two puppies running side by side on a hardwood floor, not touching each other. Seems perfectly harmless to me. But add in that logo, and, well, still harmless. I just look at the logo, wonder what it’s doing there, then go back to looking at the puppies. Again, fail.

Here we have a scenario that is a little goofy, sure, but altogether keeping with a Judeo-Christian moral compass. Two innocent puppies, joined together in holy matrimony. A viewer can deduce that although they will no doubt consummate their union, it will not be a salacious, ungodly act of perversion, as the logo here seems to suggest. It will be a loving, consensual, and transformative experience in the eyes of God. Sorry, Brazzers logo. You fail yet again.

The last I checked, puppy burrito is not a sub-category of pornography. So I don’t see anyone being confused by this. FAIL!

Three puppies and a baby together in one pic = Innocence overload! There’s even an extra Brazzers logo on this one to try and throw us off. Ain’t happenin!

Though someone with unsettling psychological problems could extract hints of carnal, canine domination from this pic, the vast majority of us only see an innocent, hungry puppy begging to be fed, and willing to do pretty much anything to get what he wants. Sorry, weirdos. The logo fails.

Little Felix here is getting the bath of his life! He might be so very wet, and deriving a devil’s worth of pleasure from the experience, but in truth the water has been blessed and is cleansing him of all sins. Yes, this puppy was born with sin in his heart, and only the sanctified water from Father Morton’s natural springs can get him clean again! So while the Brazzers logo may have been an apt addition to a picture of Felix pre-bath, now it has no business sharing the frame with him.

Innocence wins the day! Go home, Brazzers Logo. Your failure is stinkin’ up this joint.

One thought on “7 Innocent Puppy Pictures That Remain Innocent Even With a Brazzers Logo”

  1. This might one of the most fantastic blog posts I’ve ever read. Fascinating how also the Brazzers logo, while also utterly failing, became benign and rendered totally powerless as well with the association of the overpowering cuteness. Mmm, yesss, interrressting.

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