Dogs! They Sure Do End Up In Strange Places!

Dogs are sweet and loving pets, and provide their human counterparts with years of mutually beneficial companionship. But dogs can also be unpredictable, and sometimes fall prey to their animalistic nature to explore and be “free,” which usually results in them winding up in otherwise-thought-to-be improbable places. Journey¬†below to see 21 of the more outrageous places/situations our canine cohorts have found themselves in.

21. In the bathtub!
1. DogHeads_Bathtub

20. In the mailbox!
2. DogHeads_Mailbox

19. In a PUMPKIN?!
3. DogHeads_Pumpkin

18. Of course! In the refrigerator…
4. DogHeads_Fridge

17. In a cage, all alone, and very afraid. What was he thinking?!
5. DogHeads_InACage

16. In an antique Civil War cannon.
6. DogHeads_Cannon

15. Ummmm…In a cast-iron gumball machine?
7. DogHeads_GumballMachine

14. In the local hardware store, stuffed into an abnormally large can of generic yellow paint.
8. DogHeads_PaintCan

13. In a scandalous shoot with provocateur photographer Terry Richardson!
9. DogHeads_Photoshoot

12. In a six by six prison cell, charged with a murder he did not commit (or did he?).
10. DogHeads_Prison_Background copy

11. In Sanford Stadium, as mascot for the Georgia Bulldogs.
11. DogHeads_GeorgiaFootball

10. In an alternate universe, living on Lilypine Manor in upstate Connecticut, together at long last with his beautiful canine wife, Eloise.
12. DogHeads_AtCollegeInAHealthyRelationship

9. In the newly refurbished stone basement of Jason Alexander.
13. DogHeads_BasementDog

8. In a piping hot cup of coffee. What a silly billy!
14. DogHeads_Coffee

7. On television, as a reimagined canine version of Jim Rockford from The Rockford Files.
15. DogHeads_TV

6. Inexplicably hovering above the poster for Joe Johnston’s overlooked 1999 film, October Sky.
16. DogHeads_OctoberSky

5. Inside the mouth of a bigger, meaner, dog.
17. DogHeads_InsideAnotherDog

4. Stuffed uncomfortably inside an iPhone 5 case. How’d he get in there?!
18. DogHeads_iPhoneCase

3. Buried alive, in an old, unmarked grave near Gunanoot Lake in the northern interior of British Columbia.
19. DogHeads_BuriedAlive

2. In a void. Nowhere to be found. Never again. Lost. Forever.
20. DogHeads_Void

1. In a happy home with humans who love him very much. WHAT?!?!
Family Lying on Grass

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