On This Day In History: PANTASIA World Debut!

This artistically courageous milestone (and 48 year precursor to OLIVER & COMPANY) introduced the world to Dodger, the street smart Jack Russell Terrier famously voiced by Karl Joel (father of Billy, who would go on to voice Dodger in the sequel). Whilst engaging in petty larceny with a pathetic tabby kitten, Dodger steals a magic potion that turns him into an evil SORCEROR! He brings all of London to its knees with his magic, and learns a valuable lesson in the process: That if you have a lot of magical powers, you should probably go and conquer a lot of things and get a lot of cool shit out of the deal. Along the way, Dodger dances with some Sugar Plumb Fairies, takes a trip through the early history of the planet, and spends a fateful “Night On Bald Mountain.” It opened to astonished pups everywhere 74 years ago today.

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