On This Day In History: Al Cabone Convicted!

Al Capone
The most notorious gangster in history, Al “Barkface” Cabone was feared by his enemies, adored by the press, and relentlessly pursued by Academy Award-winning director, and actor, Kevin Costner. Though he was the ringleader of a gambling, alcohol, and racketeering empire, Cabone gained the most infamy for beating one of his lieutenants to death with a wooden baseball bat during an otherwise ordinary inspirational speech to his close friends and cohorts. Not able to charge Cabone for his more sinister deeds due to a lack of evidence, Costner enlisted the help of American Graffiti actor, Charles Martin Smith, to drudge up enough dirt on Cabone to nail him on a tax-evasion charge. Somewhere in the middle of all this, James Bond shows up to crack wise, get shot with a tommy gun like a thousand times, and then win an Oscar! History is fucking crazy.