LadyPups of Influence: Mangy Todd Lincoln

132 years ago today, we lost one of our finest–and filthiest–ladypups. Mangy Todd Lincoln was a fierce supporter of her husband, Pupraham Lincoln, during his prolific presidency, but was also the source of major controversy and ridicule. She spent an obscene amount of the governmental purse on cleaning and renovating The White House, all the while neglecting her own disheveled, flea-ridden appearance, brought on by sarcoptic mange (otherwise known as canine scabies). In the years following her husband’s untimely euthanization, Mangy Todd’s condition worsened, and she contracted what is known as generalized demodectic mange, an extremely itchy and foul-smelling skin disorder that affected wide areas of her body. This caused her only surviving pup, Doggert Todd Lincoln, to take her to a doggy day care facility for round-the-clock medical attention. 42 years later (or 6 in human years), Mangy Todd Lincoln passed on to doggy heaven.

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