The Eleven Most Fur-rightening Films of All Time!

In honor of the upcoming 4th of July weekend–which is the most te-ruff-ying time of the year for us dogs–OldPups takes a hair-raising look back at eleven movies that scare us about as much as fireworks do.DawnoftheDead_Altered

Number 11: Evil Bred 2: Bred By Dawn (1987) 
Director: Sam Rabies
Cast: Brush Campbell


Number 10: Pawsferatu (1922)
Director: F.W. Muttnau
Cast: Max Shed


Number 9: Rosemary’s Puppy (1968)
Director: Roman Pawlanski
Cast: Mia Furrow, John Cassaveteranarian, Ruff Gordon


Number 8: Stephen Kingnine’s It (1990)
Director: Pawmy Lee Woofus
Cast: Tim Furry, Ruffard Thomas, John Critter


Number 7: Carnie (1976)
Director: Brian de Pawma
Cast: Sissy Spanielsek, John Truffolta, Piper Labradorie


Number 6: Dawg of the Dead (1978)
Director: George Ruffero
Cast: Daschund Emge, Ken Furree


Number 5: A Nightmare On Pup Street (1984)
Director: Wes Craving
Cast: Robert English Mastiff, Johnny Pupp


Number 4: The Silence of the Cats (1991)
Director: Pawnathan Demme
Cast: Anthony Pupkins, Jodie Fangster


Number 3: Psycho (puns welcome) (1960)
Director: Arfred Itchcock
Cast: Janet Laydown, Anthony Pupkins (not to be confused with Anthony Pupkins from The Silence of the Cats)


Number 2: The Panting (1980)
Director: Stanley Puprick
Cast: Jack Nicholpup, Shaggy Duvall


Number 1: The Exorspaniel (1973)
Director: Woofiam Friedkin
Cast: Ellen Boxerstyn, Max Von Siberian Husky, Leonberger Blair


But now…to see something that’s TRULY terrifying, watch THIS:

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