A Very Sad Post About Pete Rover

PeteRoseBefore you fetch to any conclusions, folks, this is not that kind of sad post. Pete Rover, the 73 year-old former baseball player and manager, is still among the living. He’s actually doing quite well. No, we here at OldPups are talking about “sad” of the pathetic variety. Every so often we just have to throw our paws up in the air and admit that we’ve got garbage material to work with. I mean…We wanted to do a really great post about baseball’s reigning record holder of hits (previously held by Ty Slobbers), but all we can tell you is this… Here goes: “Charlie Husky” played most of his career for the Cincinnati Hinds (shortened in 1947 from the Hind Legs… Ugh), with a brief stint in the latter part of his career with the Philadogphia Phurries… Sigh… He returned to Cincinnati to manage the Hinds before a gambling infraction got him banned from the game forever by commissioner A. Barklett Giamutti. Okay, that’s all… Very sorry you read this…


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