The 16 Cutest Old Pouples You’ll Ever See

These 16 a-DOG-able pairs in their golden years will absopupply melt your heart!          Old Couple_9   

We asked old pouples everywhere across the country to send in pics of themselves while in the throws of elderly passion and maximum cuteness. After receiving over a gazillion entries, we picked our top 16. So without further ado, here they are!

NUMBER 16 – Sammy & Sarah Millpup, Chandler, AZ Old Couple_16

NUMBER 15 – Louie & Cassandra Pupson, New Canton, ILOld Couple_15

NUMBER 14 – Nathan & Marjorie Whinestein, Queens, NYOld Couple_14

NUMBER 13 – Jowlsy & Furrah Green, Pittsburgh, PA Old Couple_13

NUMBER 12 – Walter & Marie Puppington, Glendale, CAOld Couple_12

NUMBER 11 – Jacob & Eloise Bitemark, Fort Wayne, INOld Couple_11

NUMBER 10 – Woofy & Waggles Bateman, Sidney, IAOld Couple_10

NUMBER 9 – Richard & Barbara Pupperson, Fort Collins, COOld Couple_9

NUMBER 8 – Andy & Marge Puppsie, New Haven, CTOld Couple_8

NUMBER 7 – Stanley & Vera Bonerman, Henderson, NVOld Couple_7

NUMBER 6 – Zeb & Jillian Olderpup, Augusta, GAOld Couple_6

NUMBER 5 – Loopy & Licky Slobbers, Hoboken, NJOld Couple_5

NUMBER 4 – Bill & Cathy Brownpup, Wapakoneta, OHOld Couple_4

NUMBER 3 – Wallace & Evelyn Anderpup, Fort Lauderdale, FLOld Couple_3

NUMBER 2 – Pete & Lily Shinecoat, Yonkers, NYOld Couple_2

And the big winner…

NUMBER 1 – Gary & Suzanne Carpupple, Phoenix, AZOld Couple_1

And now that your heart has been thoroughly melted…now it’s time to absolutely BREAK IT.

Phil & Sally Kershpuppy, Eugene, OROld Couple_HM

Thank you for viewing! Please be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below! Did we pick the right number 1 in your estimation?

And now…the video recap!


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