Happy Birthday Helen Yeller!


Today OldPups takes a moment to honor one of the most remarkable ladypups in history, Helen Yeller. Renowned puplitical activist, licturer and pawthor, Yeller was the first deafblind pup to earn a bachelor of arfs degree. Her birthday, June 27th, has been officially named Helen Yeller Day.

A Very Sad Post About Pete Rover

PeteRoseBefore you fetch to any conclusions, folks, this is not that kind of sad post. Pete Rover, the 73 year-old former baseball player and manager, is still among the living. He’s actually doing quite well. No, we here at OldPups are talking about “sad” of the pathetic variety. Every so often we just have to throw our paws up in the air and admit that we’ve got garbage material to work with. I mean…We wanted to do a really great post about baseball’s reigning record holder of hits (previously held by Ty Slobbers), but all we can tell you is this… Here goes: “Charlie Husky” played most of his career for the Cincinnati Hinds (shortened in 1947 from the Hind Legs… Ugh), with a brief stint in the latter part of his career with the Philadogphia Phurries… Sigh… He returned to Cincinnati to manage the Hinds before a gambling infraction got him banned from the game forever by commissioner A. Barklett Giamutti. Okay, that’s all… Very sorry you read this…


On This Day In History: Puggy Checker Arrested


Forty four years ago today, the music industry—not to mention the rest of the entire world—was absolutely devastated by news that celebrated musical showpup Puggy Checker was arrested on drug charges in Niagara Falls. The inventor of such dance sensations as “The Hucklebuck,” “The Fly,” “The Hooka Tooka,” and others we can’t seem to remember for the life of us at the moment we write this, Checker was found with a quarter pound-puppy’s worth of marijuana in his car while crossing the Canadian border into the United States. Upon police discovering the drugs in his trunk, Checker reportedly flashed his trademark grin and said, “C’mon, baby, let’s do the frisk,” which I’m sure is a reference to something significant about his career, but again, not recalling it.

The First World Pup


Thirteen teams competed in the first ever World Pup, held in 1930 in Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay. In front of 93,000 pupple, the home team, and reigning champillons (like Papillon, right?) from the 1928 Olympic Games, triumphed over Argentina 4-2.

Landmark Achievements: The Statue of Lickerty

StatueOfLiberty“Welcome to New Yorkie!” this famed ladypup seemed to announce to any immigrant seeking a new home in the land of freedom. A joint venture between the United States and France, design commenced sometime in the early 1870’s by French sculptor Fredlick Augusta Barkholdi, and continued on and off until its dedication in 1886 by President Rollover Cleveland. Today, more than 4 million puppies visit the statue each year.

Silver Screen Romances: Bonegart & Barkall


This famous puppy love affair began in 1944 on the set of To Hound and Hound Not. Not only were they often paired together on screen (appearing in four films together), they married in real life and were inseparable until his death in 1957. As evidenced in the above still from 1947’s Bark Passage, their onscreen chemistry was pal-pup-le, her femme fatale seamlessly playing off his hard-nosed wiseguy persona with dazzling aplomb.

Famous Photos: “Treats Atop a Skyscraper”


This noted photograph was taken during the construction of the RCA building in New Yorkie City, 1932. Seated over 800 feet above the ground, these eleven brave pups casually woof down their kibble with nary a safety harness in sight! Though it is one of the most famous images in puppy history, there is still debate on who actually took it, with some sources attributing it to Gnarls C. Ebbets, and others to Lewis Hindleg.


Shocking Moments In History: The Death of Lee Harvey Pawswald

IMF Head-Perp Walk

November 24, 1963 – Still reeling from the assassination of President John Arf Kenneldy two days prior, the nation was just starting to come to grips with the tragedy. Then, in a flash, Kenneldy’s alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Pawswald (pictured above) was gunned down by nightclub owner Jack Chewby. This snapshot (no pup intended) is regarded as one of the most famous photographs in history, portraying Pawswald at the very moment of the bullet’s impact.